• Too much Accessory: the common neck ties accessories are tie-clips, tie bar pins and the tie chain. While a tie bar can be a perfect addition to your look. (Especially when paired with solid skinny ties). The pins, chains and collar bars are no longer in fashion and should be avoided.

      • Neck tie too short: A tie should be tied so that it ends near the middle of your belt buckle. A tie that has been tied too short, will throw off the entire look.


      Many people are in dire need of a change which only God could handle. They’ve probably heard about how God showed up in some other person’s situation, and this makes them wonder, ‘what about me?’When will God ever meet my need?  But God is real and He does visit.

      You must have the ability to recognize and respond to the presence of God and live your live based on the word of God rather than someone else’s experience.

      When you recognize the presence of God and know how to respond to him when He visits you, you will be able to get the power of God to work for you .Prepare for His visitation, look through the word of God and take examples from the lives of men and women who were able to take advantage of God’s visitation.

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      Shilan is from Iran, she gave her life to Christ and was healed of an ear infection in one of our meetings. She is now our member and we maintain constant communication with her. She has a deeper conviction of the reality of Jesus after she was healed.

      I felt a different energy that is positive the moment I gave my life to Jesus. I learnt I can do all things even heal the sick. I had a disease in my ear which was painful and makes me constantly uncomfortable, but when I attended a meeting where I was prayed for, I could not feel the pain anymore, to my surprise, the disease is gone and my ears are well till today, that is why I believe more.

      Shilan- CE Iran

      His testimony

      Hello my name is Isa Mertkeklik. I come from Turkey. I am studying anesthesiology in the Eastern Mediterranean University

      I have been attending the BLW EMU chapter North Cyprus for the past 8 months now

      The church for me is like a family. Ever since I entered into this family I have felt very warmly welcomed. They prayed for me. They treated me as one of their one. The greatest thing is that when I have had challenges they laid their hands on me and prayed for me, this gave me a great sense of peace.

      After changing my faith I faced many challenges. I often had arguments with my family, this hurt me and my family, but Jesus was always by my side. When He was with me I felt his power and I was able to continue with His strength and continue living in His name. I learned to pray to him all the time. I pray for you as well. I give thanks that He is with me today, tomorrow and yesterday and that He chose me. Praise him. Hallelujah.

      Thank you pastor Chris Oyakhilome I love you very much. Thank you pastor Afolabi, I love you very much. Thank you for everything.

      Isa Mertkeklik- CE Turkey


      In my life I have always wanted to gain control over the events that happen, to me to be the master and not just get by; But then I couldn’t do this and then I came to Believer’s Loveworld Fellowship. It took some time for me to adjust but this last year and the beginning of this year 2014 has been glorious for me and my family, I have experienced tremendous growth in Christ by his word. Primarily I am not thanking God for making me rich but rather for giving me a mind that believes that indeed all things are possible with God so therefore I am not thinking about getting rich,I am already rich rather I  am thinking of ways that I can impact my world with the word of God glory be to God.

      This is possible in my life because Our Man of God Pastor Chris is diligent with the word and also teaches us the same diligently, may God continue to bless Pastor Chris and his family forever and ever glory be to God Hallelujah.

      Bro Chijioke Ejekweolu - BLW BABCOK
      ShilanIsa MertkeklikBro Chijioke Ejekweolu